В наших диких полях. Among our wild fields.

 И стала война раздавать имена. So the War began.

 Эти русские. These Russians.

 Черный хлеб. Black bread.

 Границы. We are separated by the borderline.

 Где теперь герои? Were are all the heroes now? 

 На главной баррикаде. On the main barricade.

 Так рождается Республика. How the Republic comes up.


На английский язык мои стихи перевел Макс Шапиро.

Дым и Ночь. Smoke and Night

Ты еще молод (Отрывок из поэмы «Новороссия гроз. Новороссия грёз»). You are still young. (An excerpt from the poem «Novorossia of Thunderstorms. Novorossia of Dreams»)

Мечта и меч.Dream and sword.

У края. At the edge

За эти 8 лет. These 8 years have seen



Elena Zaslavskaya (en)


Elena Zaslavskaya (born in 1977) – Donbass poet, writer, journalist. Was born in Lisichansk. She lives in Lugansk, LPR. Elena is a member of the Writer’s Union of Lugansk People Republic from 2014.

Elena is an author of six poetic collections, such as ‘My Love’s Epoch’, ‘Mother’s Tears’, ‘Instinct of Freedom’, ‘Bdyshch-man and Co’, ‘A Year of the War’, ‘The Paper Airplane’. She also has publications in some Internet-editions and periodic including anthology-encyclopedia ’15 Centuries of the Russian Poetry’ and collection devoted to the Donbass war, namely ‘Hour of Courage’, ‘The Burn’, ‘Russian Spring’, ‘The Lines of the Courage and Pain’, ‘Donbass Time’, ‘Donbass Choice’, ‘Donbass Will’.

Elena has also children books ‘Unusual adventures of Chemodante, Chee-Beretta and Ponchyck’ (2016, Detgyz Publishing House, St. Petersburg), ‘Bull Dogs’ (2019, Nidus Publishing House, St. Petersburg), ‘Bedside’sTales’ (2019, Nidus Publishing House, St. Petersburg).

Zaslavskaya is a laureate of the II Korneychukovsky Festival of Children’s Literature (Grand Prix) in 2014. She is also a laureate of the International Literary Prize. S. Yesenina “O Russia, flap your wings …” in 2015 in the “Word of Victory” nomination. Elena is a laureate of the International Literary Prize named after Pavel the Merciless ‘Nobody Knelt Donbass’ on 2016. She was awarded the silver medal of the Second All-Russian Festival of LIFT Festivals in 2017.

Elena Zaslavskaya represented the Donbass at the Literaturwerkstatt Readings in Berlin (2008), at the Leipzig Book Fair (2012) and at the Poetry Festival in Berlin (2014, 2016).

Elena’s poems are translated into German, Spanish, English, French, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.

Currently, Elena Zaslavskaya is the editor of the ‘Camerton’ newspaper of the Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts named after M. Matusovsky, a lecturer.

Publications (selected)

  • Epokha moei lyubvi (The Time of  My Love), Lugansk, Swetlitsa, 1997.
  • Maminy sljozy (The Tears of My Mother), Lugansk, Knizhkovyi svet, 1997.
  • Instinkt svobody (Instinct of Freedom), Kanev, Sklyanka tchasu, 2005.
  • Bdysch-Men i Co (Bdyshch-man and Co), Lugansk, SPD-Reznikov, 2011.
  • God vojny (A Year of the War), Lugansk, Blitz-Inform, 2015.
  • Neobyknovennye priklyucheniya Chemodante, Chi-Beretty i Ponchika (Unusual adventures of Chemodante, Chee-Beretta and Ponchyck),  St. Petersburg, Detgyz Publishing House, 2016.
  • Bumazhnyj samolet (The Paper Airplane), Lugansk, Blitz-Inform, 2018.
  • Sobaki-zabiyaki (Bull Dogs),  St. Petersburg, Nidus Publishing House, 2018. 
  • Skazki Podkrovatki (Bedside’sTales),  St. Petersburg, Nidus Publishing House, 2019.